Thursday, March 06, 2008

You've heard of Typhoid Mary? Well just call me Influenza Amy...

What's worse than having the flu? Having all three of your kids and your husband having it at the same time! Thank heavens we have more than one bathroom. I've managed to keep everyone in their own bedrooms and I'm busy running around washing copious amounts of laundry and spraying everything that doesn't move with Lysol. Although at this point we should probably just use a flamethrower and destroy everything that has been touched. I'm pretty sure fire is the only thing that could possibly kill this virus. It's obviously highly contagious as we're always super careful about keeping the sick person secluded to one room/bathroom and keep the rest of the family away. It usually works but not this time.

In knitting news I started on the crochet border on my Mary Jane slippers. I found some great online crochet instructions similar to which were helpful. I managed to get the first slipper's edging done when I noticed that I had picked up my stitches on the wrong portion of the edge at one point. It was more of an appearance issue and I couldn't stand how it looked so I ripped it back out to that point and started over last night on it. In between the ripping out and starting over I made a preemie hat. It's very cute but frankly looks a tad big to be a preemie hat. I hit gauge but I think the pattern may be a bit big. I think I'll see if I can tweak it a bit and make a few more. It's really cute.

Better run, there's much laundry and cleaning to do (and hopefully some knitting while they nap!).

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