Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Three Words:

The Flu, Again.

Thank heavens God has given me a few days of feeling well sprinkled throughout these ongoing flu bugs. I've been sick (more on than off) since mid-January. Can't begin to tell you just how sick and tired I am of being sick. Thankfully the bulk of the illness have been the exhausting respiratory flu and not the stomach flu that I endured for the last go-around. I would rather do almost anything than have the stomach flu. It thankfully waited until Saturday evening before it kicked in so I was able to work Friday in between illnesses. I actually thought it was food poisoning until my poor boy came down sick last night. I'm hoping he doesn't get as sick as I did.

Sick of being sick.

My poor husband has been taking care of sick people for almost two months now. He told me I was taking this in sickness and in health thing a little far (he was teasing of course!) but I do feel awful for him. I'm definitely going to have to take him out for dinner at his favorite restaurant and a macho movie after everyone is all better. He deserves it!

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