Friday, December 30, 2005

A little about me...

Welcome to my new blog! Time to introduce you to me, Amy, and tell you a little about me. December has been an even busier month than usual for me because I have opened a photography studio with another photographer! Photography has always been my first love and I'm now finally able to really enjoy it as both a creative process and a rewarding career.

Well now you know that I'm a professional photographer. What else... I also work part-time as a cake decorator, I have been married for 10 years and have three cute kids (2 girls and a boy). I've been accused of being crafty but would have to disagree with that. "Crafty" to me always brings to mind ugly, poorly made nic-nac stuff that I consider an enormous waste of time and money. Now needle-arts, that's something I can get behind. Needle art projects become heirlooms. I'm sure "crafty" people feel the same way about needle arts. C'est la vie. I enjoy quilting, counted-cross stitch, sewing and have recently discovered knitting!

Last year I vowed to not add any new projects to my long list of quilting and sewing. That wasn't a problem until I discovered knitting. Now I've not added any new quilting/sewing but I have added plenty of knitting :-) I'll add some pictures soon (kind of sad, a pro photographer can't get pics in her blog! It's like the cobbler's children and shoes...). Although I may not have the photo proof I have the finished object satisfaction of having completed: a one skein scarf for my best friend (Lion Brand Homespun--so soft, I love it), a ribbed scarf for DH's aunt, a Portrait scarf (name of the pattern, Artful yarns) for other DH's aunt, two watercolor cross quilts for in-laws and grandmother in-law and a yarn over scarf for my mom. Whew!

I'm currently working on a "sunshine" (my 3 year old's special name for yellow) hat. It's my first hat and first time with circs. After I finish that I'll be making matching mittens and a scarf for her.

Well, I think I've chatted on long enough. Guess I'm making up for my previous lack of posting. Pictures coming soon!