Wednesday, March 12, 2008

I have finally managed to sew the buttons onto the slippers. I've had everything in the knitting bag ready to go but I kept finding other knitting things I'd rather do than sew on buttons. I do love the buttons I've put on my slippers.

These were my favorite little buttons from the button tin. Love them! The detailing is so sweet I just couldn't part with them. My slippers are a tad small width wise so if I make them again for myself I'll make some adjustments to the pattern. The slippers I made for my sister, Jill, are much better width wise but are a tad bit too long. Here are her slippers all finished and ready for mailing.

I actually like Jill's slippers better than mine, the Noro worked up beautifully. The colors are great.

In between the last post and the sewing on of the buttons on the slippers I made a couple of preemie hats to donate to the local NICU. They were fun to do and very fast and cute. I've had a couple of migraines and it's put a bit of a damper on the knitting so when I've had headache-free time I've wanted to work on something easy. These preemie hats fit the bill.

The first hat is the Eyelet Preemie Hat. I made a mistake on the yarn purchase so it turned out a little bigger than I think it should have. But the yarn is so yummy and cute I'll just make some adjustments to the pattern and needle size and make some more that will hopefully be smaller.

This is the other little preemie hat I finished last night. It is the Preemie Spiral Hat. I (gasp) actually used the correct weight yarn so it turned out perfectly. And so tiny! I made the smallest size which is suppose to fit a 1-3 lb. baby.

Tonight I'll get back to work on my two-at-a-time socks. I've been putting it off because it's a bit intimidating still. And you know, that's how I deal with things that stress me out, I put them on the back burner. Very mature, huh? I had wanted to use a pretty pattern for the sock but I think I'm just going to need to buck up and make a plain stockinette sock and worry more about getting the hang of the technique than worrying about a pretty design on them. Must let go and move on.

And finally I have to share a picture of my assistant at the little blog photo shoot. He's so handsome and he's alllll mine ;-)
"Take my picture Mommy!"

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