Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Two-at-a-time sock status: never-ending.

It is as though I enter some odd time warp every time I pick these things up. I knit on them and knit on them and yet they never seem to see any progress. I'm beginning to wonder if I will ever finish them. This is kind of hard on a monogamous knitter, you know one who just knits one project at a time. I admit it has driven me over the edge and straight into the arms of an easy little project.

I picked up a cute little kit by the Crafty Alien at Twist. My business partner's birthday is coming up and she is a cat fanatic so I think she'll enjoy it. The kit is the Calico Kitty kit and it's super easy and will hopefully be just as cute as the picture in the package when I get done with it. In what seemed like mere minutes compared to my never ending socks I knitted up all the pieces. I now just need to attach the calico spots to the body and do the felting/stuffing/finishing work. My girls love the kit and I'm trying to encourage my oldest to give one a try. I think it would do much to boost her knitting ability and confidence.

In addition to the little bit of knitting I've fit in I've been busy shooting weddings and trying to get my taxes finished. I hate procrastinating but I seem to punish myself by procrastinating on certain things. This time it's taxes. Thankfully I had a good 2/3rds of the work done already, now I'm just trying to wrap up the remaining bit. However, in an exciting twist, I have apparently lost a month and a half of expense receipts. And I hadn't managed to get them scanned before I lost them. I think I know where they are, now I just have to find the file I think they're in.

Back to work, pictures of the Calico Kitty after I get him/her finished up...

PS--Forgot to mention the dream I had the other night. On April fools someone posted that Julia Roberts had joined Ravelry. There is an actual member named JuliaR and it has her picture although you don't know if it is really her or if it is a PR move to promote an upcoming movie. It says that it she has requested a private membership so there isn't anything to see other than her name, picture and a plug for her upcoming knitting themed movie. This obviously found it's way into my subconscious because I had a dream that I actually met her. In the dream we meet at a dinner party somewhere (I know, me at a dinner party with Julia Roberts, ha ha ha ha ha because it's so very likely). Everyone else is asking her about working with George Clooney, Brad Pitt, and all matter of Hollywood drivel. I on the other hand ask her if she's really on Ravelry, what she likes to knit, how long she's been knitting, etc. The funny part was she was much more interested in talking to me about knitting than with everyone else about the Hollywood gossip. Everyone else kept interrupting us because they thought their Hollywood talk was so much more interesting and important than knitting. What a funny dream. It does make me wonder though how many "famous" people are members of Ravelry under ordinary screen names. My husband once told me that Dale Earnhardt Jr. was a member of an online racing video game forum under a different name. He would play against other people online and they never had any idea who he really was at the time. I think he said he eventually told people who he was and it just kind of ruined the fun of it all because then people weren't themselves anymore, they were move caught up in his celebrity.

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rkyarns said...

What a cool knitting dream!