Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fiesta Chili Beef Update

I received an e-mail from Campbell's in response to my inquiry on what had happened to the Fiesta Chili Beef.

"Enough! We get it! We made a mistake, OK? Sometimes we just have this inexplicable need to mess with our product line up. We need to be busy so we won't lose our jobs and sometimes that means we have to find things to do. As you can imagine we can only come up with so many combinations of Chicken and Noodle soup and we've exhausted everything with that d@m! soup. We clearly can't redesign our packaging so that's out. A couple of months ago our bosses had a meeting pointing out that we weren't "doing" anything and we had to justify our employment here. We immediately began research studies on the most innocuous thing we could come up with, Fiesta Chili Beef. We spent months doing "research" and then a few more months preparing an elaborate report on why Fiesta Chili Beef was actually costing our company too much to make and how we could save millions of dollars by discontinuing this product from our line. We all got bonuses and went out for beers and high fives over our brilliant strategy to not only stay employed but also receive accolades and bonuses.

Imagine our surprise when we began to be inundated with e-mails from people like you wondering where their precious little Fiesta Chili Beef went. At first we thought we could hide it from our supervisors and no one would know. But the e-mails kept coming--more and more. Server traffic was up and we were finally found out. The outcry from the public was too great and we've had to confess our ill-fated scheme to our supervisors.

I've managed to save my job by personally over seeing the re-introduction of the Fiesta Chili Beef back into our product line and personally apologizing to each and every e-mail that comes in. Bob wasn't so lucky. Shortly after the Fiesta Chili Beef scandal came to light he was over taken by a mob in the Campbell's parking lot. Frank survived but is still undergoing therapy and hopes to be walking with crutches soon. Mark, Neil and Joe were all fired and I'm left to clean up this mess. I've had to take a cut in pay and my car's been repossessed. Christy kicked me out but Mom and Dad said I could stay in their basement until I'm back on my feet again. But only if I bring a case of Fiesta Chili Beef with me.

Happy?! You have your stinking soup back!!!!!!!!!!"


OK, that's not really the e-mail I received but a girl can wish. I received the same tired e-mail that everyone else has received when they write to find out what happened:

Ms, we received your message and appreciate your taking the
time to contact Campbell Soup Company to inquire about our Campbell's
Condensed Fiesta Chili Beef Soup. Unfortunately, this product is not
currently available.

Tastes and preferences constantly change and there is only so much space
on a supermarket shelf. Periodically, we look at the sales for our
various products and are forced to make the difficult decision as to which
products stay and which must be replaced.

Inquiries such as yours remind us that sales figures aren't the only
measure of a product's value. Perhaps one day Campbell's Condensed Fiesta
Chili Beef Soup will make its way back to your grocer's shelf.

Please accept the coupon we have sent to you via the mail with my
apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced. The coupon can
be redeemed for any product in the Campbell family of brands including V8,
Prego, Pace, and Pepperidge Farm.

Thank you for visiting the Campbell Soup website.

Campbell Soup Web Team

So that's that. Funny, I don't recall my taste and preference changing. I did come across a recipe that someone claimed tasted just like the Fiesta Chili Beef so I'll give it a try and report back.

Until then, good-bye Fiesta Chili Beef....


Anonymous said...

Did you try the recipe? Please post so other Fiesta Chili Beef lovers can have their soup back!

thekinginyellow said...

where's this recipe you found? i want my chili back.

kattgamble said...

When I was a child it was called chili beef soup with no fiesta. We had a family of eight. All of us loved chili beef soup, yet it stopped selling here in Washington State years ago. I miss it very much and would love it to come back. Would also love to try a replica, if someone has a recipe.

Anonymous said...

2011 almost 2012 and still no fiesta chili beef! Boycotting Campbell's until its return!

Anonymous said...

Well, darn. Glad I finally found this post to put a end to my misery. I have been looking for the Fiesta Chili Beef soup in every store I go in, even when I am out of town, thinking I will come across it. I made my chili out of this for the longest time even back when it was just called Chili Beef soup and it was the best. Why couldn't they just leave a good thing alone.

Anonymous said...

Well, it's 2013 and no Fiesta Chili Beef. I want my soup back !!

Anonymous said...

I want the original or the Fiesta chilli beef soup back. I make mock enchilada casserole with it. Had it as a kid. Can be served as a dip also as it is ate with doritto original corn chips instead of silverware.Too much change in food industry if it ain't broke don't try to fix it. You just end up with too many wacky flavors that can't be used other than soup.

Unknown said...

I want my chili geef soup back too!!! And the original chunky chili beef soup!!! I like them both and want to buy them by the case load

Kelly Brzezinski said...

I want my chili geef soup back too!!! And the original chunky chili beef soup!!! I like them both and want to buy them by the case load

Anonymous said...

Please bring chili beef back!!!