Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Saturday morning we sat behind our friend at his mother's funeral. Saturday afternoon/evening I had a wedding shoot. It was a stressful, draining day of mourning, working and celebrating. Such contrasts. Both events were out of town so in addition to the emotional aspect of the day there was also the practical scheduling of traveling to and from events, child care, etc. Throw all of that together and throw in a birthday party one of the children had to attend and it was a hectic day to say the least.

I took some knitting with me for the car ride to/from the funeral but spent the time visiting with my husband instead. It was so nice to have a conversation without a child interupting. Of course there is also that minor issue of having made a mistake a few rows back in the sock to deal with but we won't mention that.

This is the first time anyone our age has had a parent pass away. Even today as I was putting dishes away I teared up thinking how incredibly heart breaking it must be to lose your mom, someone who loves you unconditionally like no one else can. The person who has always put herself second and cared for you physically, emotionally and spiritually. Takes the breath right out of me and makes me cry even now. This is definitely a stage of adulthood I'd rather leave out of reach.

Anyway, Sunday we did a bit of church/house hunting. We attended a new church to try out. So far we are very pleased with it and will keep attending and feeling things out to see if it's the one for us. House hunting wasn't as promising but we will keep trudging on. Eventually we're bound to find one that will work for us. Right?

Better get back to work, I'm still trying to catch back up from when we went on vacation. ::sigh::

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