Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Random things bumping around my brain this morning...

Kelly Ripa is now so thin her breasts have disappeared.

There are no groceries left in my house. Also, no time to do any grocery shopping.

There is a two hour special tonight to watch an idiot magician hang upside down. Ooohhh! Wonder how it will end? I'm guessing by standing back up. Two hours? Really?

Realized I had forgot to put Lipstick Jungle on season pass and then tried to remember the name of the other similar show I tivo-ed last year. Still have no idea what it's called and have decided it must have been cancelled as I haven't heard anything about it. Also must figure out the correct past tense verb form of Tivo. Shut up, it's totally a word.

Finally was able to watch Heroes last night. Wow. Loved it, so glad it's back on. Also glad they ran an hour show to catch us back up as I'd forgotten the smaller subplot issues.

I keep dangling the promise of a day at home doing whatever I want (baking, knitting, etc.) in front of myself if I just get my urgent to-do list done. Then I cruelly add more items to the list. I'm mean to myself.

I would mention how well the second Hibiscus for Hope sock is going but that would only invite trouble and some tragic knitting mistake so I won't mention that at all.

Love going to Twist on Sundays! Yay!

Had a very nice birthday last week. Lunch with girlfriends and then a date night with hubby. Perfect.

Google phone is coming!!!!!!! I ordered mine last night and can't wait to get it in. My business and family calendars are all on Google and it's always a battle to find a phone that I can sync all the information into. Am hoping this phone lives up to the hype and can't wait to get it.

As an aside, I can't recommend Google calendar enough. Makes keeping track of appointments and life in general very easy. We have a calendar for the business and then other calendars for the family, etc. You can share the calendars with others, e-mail events to people. All very cool.

Now back to the cruel to-do list...

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Shea said...

The other show was called Cashmere Mafia :)

I liked it better than Lipstick Jungle and was bummed when it was canceled.