Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Finally managed to fill up all of my sad empty boxes on Ravelry with actual knitting pictures! Yay me! So I thought I ought to put them on the old blog as well...

First up are pictures of the Sweet Mary Jane Cardigan before blocking. I literally don't have anywhere in my house where it can be safely blocked without a child (or husband) stepping on it. So, I'll take it over to my mom's and we can fit and block it there. Then we can go shopping for ribbon and buttons.

Here are the Mary Jane Slippers. The knitting is finished on both of them and I need to do the crochet edging and strap next. I bought two skeins of this yarn so I think I'll make a second pair for my sister out of the other skein. It didn't quite take one skein for the pair. I'm going to do the edging and strap in black. Love this yarn!!! Yay Noro!

Here is my little man in his Camo Hat (Joseph pattern I purchased to make in fun colors but haven't gotten to it yet). We bought him a new coat last Fall that is a camo print. I thought making him a hat out of camo colored yarn would be cute to go with it. Except I didn't have his coat with me when I bought the yarn so they don't even remotely match. His coat is in shades of brown and this yarn is in shades of green. Yuck. But it was an easy hat to make. And I don't care if he ruins it. The yarn was uber-cheap, Red Heart crap. I am becoming such a yarn snob. ::sigh::

Sweetheart Glovelets. These were fun to make although they could probably stand a proper blocking so they'd look a little nicer. I couldn't wait for that though and wore them out the other night. The yarn is Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino and the color is darker than it photographed here. The pattern was extremely well written and I even managed it while doped up on cough syrup.

Monkey Socks! I think I already have pictures somewhere on this blog of my Monkeys but I figured I'd throw these up here as well while I was putting up all the others.

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