Thursday, February 21, 2008

Comfortably Numb

So I have now been sick for almost five weeks. Five weeks of coughing, sleeping and being in a general foul mood. I think my family is almost ready to sell me. I've given up trying to figure out what I'm sick with. So far I've been diagnosed with: sinus infection, bronchitis and flu. Who knows which it is, maybe all three. Maybe something new and mysterious! I have been on multiple prescriptions and frankly they don't really seem to do much. I'm a little better but still sick. The one medicine that definitely does something is the prescription cough syrup. I went through the first prescription bottle in a few days. It did help and didn't taste bad and was pretty relaxing, I believe codeine was the big drug in that one. After a trip to the emergency room though I was prescribed a bigger, badder cough syrup that as far as I can tell seems to be some kind of methadone deritivite. It is crazy stuff. I actually feel numb after I take it. It does stop the coughing but it also seems to short circuit part of my brain. It's very difficult to try to do normal things after I take it as part of my brain is tooling along like normal but the other part is stumbling around in the dark completely confused about simple things. It's extremely odd. It isn't like being tipsy at all. When you're tipsy all of your senses seem to take a gradual decline into fuzziness but with this cough syrup there's like there's a disconnect somewhere in the brain. It has really done a number on my knitting. I can't seem to make the pattern instructions work out in my head. I've done surprisingly well all things considered. I'm working on my Sweet Mary Jane slippers and I swear the instructions seem to be partly in German. I went ahead and worked on them tonight even though I figured I was probably screwing them up. I stopped after a while and it looks fairly normal so I must have been muddling through a little better than I thought. Of course the first night I started on them while doped up on the cough syrup and I couldn't figure out the dumb provisional cast on to save my life. Thankfully the next morning I got it on the first try--cough syrup free.

I've even managed to finish up some knitting while sick--the Sweet Mary Jane cardigan (what is it with me and patterns named Sweet Mary Jane?) and the Sweetheart Glovelets (maybe it's just the word sweet? I must have a compulsion to knit all patterns with the word sweet in it). I'm planning on getting some pictures taken for ravelry here in the next few day so hopefully I'll get some posted here too. It's a little embarrassing to look at my project page in Ravelry and see all the blank boxes instead of cute little pictures...

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