Thursday, September 27, 2007

TGIT (Thank Goodness it's Thursday)

So Excited!

Tonight should be a great knitting night. I have a sitting to shoot very early in the evening but then it should be nothin' but knittin' as soon as the kiddies are in bed. I feel I should take this time and say a special prayer of thanks for the amazing Tivo. God bless the person who invented Tivo. Love you Tivo!!! I remember attending an advertising luncheon in the late nineties and hearing the speaker tell us about a new device that would be like a vcr only enable you to watch any show whenever you wanted without vcr tapes. Sounded crazy futuristic and yet I've had one for many years now and can't imagine not having it.

I'll definitely be watching Grey's and probably ER. Usually wait to watch The Office when dh gets home.

Anyway, time to run but looking forward to knitting tonight!

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