Sunday, September 23, 2007

Feast or Famine (a.k.a. Picture Paloooza!)

Unbelievable though it may be, it's finally happened. I've managed to FINALLY take some pictures of my recent knitting. Whoa! Take a deep breath! Lean back in your chair! Don't fall over on me! I know it's hard to believe but below these next few lines will be ACTUAL PHOTOGRAPHS. Knitting in pixels!

First here are pictures of my Monkey socks:

And check out the needles--Sox Stix in size 2 that I picked up from Twist. Which is where incidentally I bought the yarn, the stitch marker and the bag that I carry it all in. Are you seeing a theme here? Love you Twist!

It may not be "The" Great Pumpkin, but I still think it's pretty great :-) This one is a birthday gift for a friend but I think I'll have to make another one for myself.
Pattern is 12:01 by Nathania Apple.

My blue-eyed beauty in her Drive-Thru sweater. Although I'm thinking of re-naming it Sunday School since she has been wearing it every Sunday to church.

And finally Twinkletoes slippers for my girls. I'm going to buy some suede slipper bottoms for them so they will hopefully last a little longer.

And now I'm signing off to go knit! It's been a super busy weekend, yesterday I had an 8 hour wedding shoot a couple of hours away which made for a 12 hour day. I had another wedding this afternoon although thankfully it was only two hours and was very close to home. However with all of the work it seems like the weekend positively slipped through my fingers. In order to remedy that to a small degree I'm going to go sit, knit and watch a movie with the husband.

So I hope you enjoyed the pictures, heaven knows when I'll manage to get more things photographed again :-)


Knappy Knits said...

WOW I love everything!! I love the yarn you are using for the monkey, I love the pumpkin and the slippers are so darn cute!

Mary Lynn said...

Wonderful sweater, beautiful girl.