Saturday, March 04, 2006

Things I've learned this week:

How to use the OnStar phone in my SUV.

I will never be able to knit those $^@# mittens.

I can knit the matching scarf in two days.

When I'm confined to my living room chair.

The exact snap and feeling of ripping a muscle in your calf. While shooting a wedding. Two hours from home. Two hours from the end of the shoot.

That the emergency room has thankfully revamped itself and it no longer takes 4+ hours to receive emergency treatment (although it did take 5 hours to get there from the time of injury).

That there isn't much you can do to treat a torn calf muscle other than some anti-inflamatories, pain meds and rest.

That a one year old boy can figure out in a day that you can't chase him. So he laughs and runs away. Over and over.

That it is nearly impossible and certainly dangerous to try to drive with a torn calf muscle. Two hours from home.

Thank God for cruise control.

That I can try to get caught up on a little knitting and correspondence.

That my husband loves me and will take care of me, the kids, the house and my business in addition to his own job. What a man :-)


AmyArtisan said...

Sorry to hear about the injury - look forward to seeing what knitting you are able to do while you're off your feet. :)

Amy Lu said...

Oh yucky! I hope you heal completely and quickly!

Thank goodness for knitting! What would you do if your hobby was hang-gliding? :o)